Eternal Flame

Handmade Silver Flame Pendant & Chain

Handmade Silver Flame Pendant & Chain

During this time of year we are sometimes reminded of those stories of people that truly touch our hearts. Recently this photo was found amongst our archives and it reminded us of why we do what we do and that some things truly last forever.

The story of this pendant began in a couple of years back when a young woman became very ill with a rare disease. The young woman had been suffering from unusual symptoms about a month before her birthday and just days before her birthday she collapsed into seizure-like body tremors. The disease was a complete shock and so rare that many of the doctors could not detect what it was. A very distraught younger sister watched her sister in the hospital, knowing she would spend her birthday there and decided she wanted her sister to have something special to help her through the ordeal. This pendant was designed and handmade by her request, a symbol of strength, love and hope. She presented this very special gift to her sister at the hospital with all who loved her gathered around. Her older sister was delighted to receive such a special gift and immediately recognized that the pendant resembled a flame. Within a couple of weeks after, another doctor was called in who had heard of these symptoms and was quickly able to diagnose the disease and prescribe treatment. The young woman has since made a full recovery, changed jobs and was recently promoted.

Sometimes all we need is a little reminder from those around us that we are loved, and that we are strong.

Happy Holidays from Crimson


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