Company Profile

Crimson is a Canadian owned and operated jeweller. Our years of experience within the industry have enabled us to create a unique and modern jewellery line, that features exotic gemstones and gives classic pieces a twist. Here at Crimson we appreciate artistic quality and take pride in creating inspiring pieces for our customers to enjoy. Our unique jewellery line is produced using precious metals such as silver and gold, but is not limited to these metals. Crimsons jewellery designer and certified gemmologist personally takes the time to meet with clients, educate them to make informed decisions and help them in creating their perfect jewellery piece.

Crimsons vision is to reinvent the world’s concept of jewellery and inspire our customers to appreciate the artistic value of each piece and to be motivated to invest for meaningful values. We want to be a global trend setter for industry standards and believe that using ethical discretion in all facets of our decision making process will create positive change for the future.

Our mission is to inspire our customers to rediscover their passion for jewellery and the artistry involved in creating unique pieces. Through the artistic freedom and expression of our designs, we create jewellery pieces that are personal and hold a lasting impression. Being conscious of where our jewellery and raw materials come from matters, that’s why we carefully select who and where our product and materials come from.


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