Our goal is to provide the best experience possible to our customers by offering a variety of services. Customer satisfaction is important to us, we want our customers to feel comfortable asking questions and coming to us with all their jewellery needs.

Our Services:

Jewellery Repair – We provide many levels of jewellery repair depending on the individuals needs. Our talented goldsmith will transform your broken and unwearable jewellery. Repairs services include ring re-sizing, re-stringing of pearls or beaded necklaces, soldering, stone tightening, claw re-tipping, replacement clasps, safety chains, and much more.

Jewellery Re-design – This service is offered to individuals who wish to update their old jewellery or for individuals who have inherited jewellery that they would like to wear and keep close. We work with our customers to achieve their desired vision for their new jewellery piece, while preserving the sentimentality of the original piece by re-using undamaged gemstones and precious metals.

Custom Design – Dare to be different and have your very own original piece designed and created. Build your own piece with our on hand gemstones and available settings or completely design your own piece. We will provide CAD images and wax models of your design as it develops, giving you the option of making any necessary changes before the piece is ever cast.

Appraisals – Upon request we will provide our customers with a third party appraisal for a modest fee. Appraisals are important for insurance purposes to document the quality and value of gemstones and jewellery pieces in the event that they are lost or stolen. We can also provide requested appraisals including GIA and Gemscan.

Contact us for more details.



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